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How should I send a group funeral arrangement?

Group Funeral Flower Arrangements

If you want to send funeral flowers as a group you have a lot more room for selection (and a lot more funding to purchase something big and beautiful). When going in as a group to buy funeral flowers, the arrangements can obviously make a much larger showing. The best way to go about selecting the flowers is to nominate one person to make the selection.

Another idea is to have one person select 2 or 3 arrangements and vote as a group to choose a final one. Make sure that you select a card that has ample space to include the names of everyone who contributes. If there isn't, however, be creative and sign with a group name such as “The Finance Department” or “The Gonzalez Family.”

* Don't forget to put an address and contact name on the card so the family can send their thanks.

Can I buy a casket tribute for a funeral?

Casket Tributes

Traditionally, placing a tribute in or on a casket is a right reserved only for the close loved ones and family members of the deceased. If this is something you would like to be involved with, contact the family members of the deceased and ask if you might have the honor of contributing to the casket tribute.

*Once you have permission to add to the tribute you have to make a tasteful choice. Ask your florist to help you make an appropriate selection; he or she will know which arrangements are the most popular.

Are those funeral flowers something the deceased would enjoy?

Personalize It

When you are giving funeral flower arrangements you are paying your last tribute to that person. And, for this reason, you should put a lot of thought into what you select. Make sure that your final selection reflects the personality of the person you wish to honor. Is it something that he or she would enjoy? It should be.

If the recently deceased liked the outdoors, incorporate natural outdoorsy pieces into the display. If the deceased enjoyed a certain type of flower, try to use those flowers in the arrangement. Tell the florist as much as you can about the deceased to help them to capture him or her in the arrangement. If you are completely stuck, ask the florist for guidance; he or she is likely to have images of traditional funeral arrangements on hand.

What is acceptable for a funeral arrangement?

Think Twice About Glass

If you want to send funeral flowers, don't pick just any arrangement. That beautiful and elegant lily assortment in the glass vase might look great but it might not be appropriate. From an etiquette standpoint a glass vase is perfectly acceptable but many funeral homes and cemeteries have rules about glass containers.

*Before selecting an arrangement talk to a local florist. It's likely that a florist in the area will know any rules and regulations that the funeral parlors and cemeteries might have.

Where and when should funeral flowers be sent?

The When and Where on Funeral Flowers

Flowers for a funeral do not have to be sent directly to the funeral home. It is perfectly acceptable to send flowers to the family's home.

This is the time to express your sympathy for the family of the deceased and sending your arrangement directly to their home might even give it a more personal feel. When should you send the flowers? There's no correct answer to this question.

You could send them immediately or wait a week or two. Flowers are meant to show your sympathy and, no matter when they arrive, the family will know that you have not forgotten—that's what really matters.

How should I choose funeral flowers?

Be Careful With Funeral Flowers

The way individuals pay tribute to sympathy varies greatly. Each region is different and it's in your better interest not to make assumptions about which type of funeral flowers to send. Before choosing, ask your florist for recommendations. If you get lucky the florist might even know the types of flowers that others have ordered (including the family) and can arrange something complimentary.

*A good florist will also know about any, if any, restrictions that the cemetery or funeral home might have.

Should I send a flower arrangement to a funeral if the body has been cremated?

No Body Doesn't Mean No Flowers

If there's no casket should you still send funeral flowers? Cremation is becoming more and more common nowadays and many people are confused about proper flower etiquette. The truth is that just because there's no body doesn't mean you shouldn't send those flowers. The whole point of sending funeral flowers is to express your sympathy for the family of the deceased.

A floral tribute will make any type of funeral service more beautiful. It is quite common for arrangements to be displayed along with the urn. If you're uncertain about the type of flowers to select, ask a florist for suggestions. A good florist will have experience with funerals that involve urns and be able to offer solid advice.

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