A Rose by any Other Colorů

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What do the different colors of roses mean?

A Rose by any Other Colorů

If you want to send roses as a gift, you're not alone. Roses are among the most popular flowers sent out everyday. Are you trying to express love? All roses are symbolic for love; however, the color you select is representative of other things as well. Here's a little cheat sheet that explains the meaning commonly expressed with different colors of roses:

  • Red means love and respect (this is the most common color of rose purchased).
  • Pink means perfect happiness and grace.
  • Dark pink displays gratitude.
  • Light pink shows admiration and sympathy.
  • White gives a message of innocence, purity, or secrecy.
  • Yellow is generally interpreted as meaning friendship but can also express an undying love.
  • Orange shouts passion and desire.
  • Blue is mysterious and whispers “extraordinary”
  • A mixture of red and white shows unity.



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