Violets, Violets, Everywhere!

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What does a violet say?

Violets, Violets, Everywhere!

There are many types of flowers in the world but not many are as talked about as the violet. There are over 200 common names for the violet and the majority of them have to do with sex and love. It is often times thought of as the flower of modesty because the flowers are hidden by a large amount of heart-shaped leaves. Among other things, violets are rumored to symbolize purity and charm and protect against all that is evil. Here is a breakdown of what messages are commonly expressed when giving different colors of violets:

  • Blue violets - signify constancy and claim that the giver will always be true.
  • White violets- display modesty but at the same time prove that the giver will take a chance on happiness
  • Yellow violets – show modest worth



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