Get Organized With Your Wedding Flower Planning

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What kinds of wedding flowers do I need?

Get Organized With Your Wedding Flower Planning

When you're planning your wedding you will have a hundred things on your plate at once. And, with so many things to worry about, it's important to get organized. You will obviously need a bridal bouquet but there are a lot more wedding flowers to think about than that. Remembering everything can be a bit overwhelming but here's a useful list to help you assess what you will need and to get you better prepared for that meeting with your florist:

  • A list of everyone in the wedding party that will need flowers (bouquets, boutonnières, corsages, or petal baskets).
  • A list of the types of flowers you will want at the ceremony.
  • A list of flowers will be needed for the reception (you will need to know how many tables will need centerpieces and the sizes and shapes of the tables).
  • You will need to know what colors you have in mind (it's useful to bring bridesmaids' fabric samples).



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