Set a Wedding Flower Budget

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Why do I need to set a wedding flower budget?

Set a Wedding Flower Budget

When making wedding flower arrangements, it is crucial that you know exactly what kind of budget you're dealing with. If you aren't honest with your florist from the get-go, you're wasting everyone's time. As soon as you give the florist an exact number, she can start giving you viable options. It is essential that you are realistic when you come up with this number.
In other words, don't pick out a $1500 bouquet that won't leave you with enough floral money for centerpieces! When selecting flowers, make sure that all of the flowers in the wedding compliment each other. The more of the same type of flower you use, the better; increasing the types of flowers used increase the price. Once you get a price range to your florist, she can balance things out for you and help to create a complete package that is affordable.

* If you want to save money, don't set your wedding on a date close to a big holiday or flower costs will be heightened.



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