Keep That Long-Distance Relationship Alive

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How can I keep a long-distance relationship exciting?

Keep That Long-Distance Relationship Alive

Long distance relationships can be tough, whether the relationship has just started or you've been together or years, it's hard to show a person how much you care on a regular basis if you never get to see them. All hope is not lost however, just because you can't be next to that person often doesn't mean that you can't continue to work your way into their heart.

The key to keeping the excitement in a long-distance relationship is to let that person know that you care—and phone calls can't always get that message across. If you can't be there in person, find an online florist and arrange to have something sent to your lover to let them know that they are on your mind. Send them sporadic surprise rose bouquets or, to really melt their heart, arrange to have flowers sent to them on a set day once a week.



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