Ensure That Your Arrangement is Appropriate for its Surroundings

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What should I think about when making a floral arrangement?

Ensure That Your Arrangement is Appropriate for its Surroundings

When creating a fresh flower arrangement, it's essential that you think about a lot of things in order to ensure that it goes with its surroundings. Here are some questions to ask yourself before arranging:

  • Which room will the arrangement be placed in? Make sure that the arrangement makes sense in the room you place it in—you wouldn't want to place a fancy arrangement fit for a formal dining room in a kitchen or the bathroom.
  • What is the color scheme in the room and what is the rest of the décor in the room like? Make sure that the colors in the arrangement blend with the colors in the room and that the décor is consistent. For example, if the room is decorated in a Victorian style, you wouldn't want bright flowers in a sleek, modern vase.
  • Will the arrangement be a centerpiece or will it be off to the side? If the arrangement will be used as a centerpiece, it is important that it is full enough to make an adequate centerpiece but not so tall that people have to strain to see over or around it.



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