Flower of the Month Club

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Is the Flower of the Month club expensive?

Flower of the Month Club

Do not just give your partner flowers when you are in the dog house. While flowers are always appreciated, they should also be given just because you love her. If you want to really impress your partner and show her that you are thinking about her – enroll in her a Flower of the Month club. You can hand pick special flowers each month, or you can enroll in a “Rose of the Month,” “Orchid of the Month” or another flower favorite club. There are also Flowers of the Month clubs which consist of bouquets of each month's flower. Here is a list of each month and their corresponding flower:

January – Carnation

February – Violet

March – Jonquil

April – Sweet Pea

May – Lily of the Valley

June – Rose

July – Larkspur

August – Gladiolus

September – Aster

October – Calendula

November – Chrysanthemum

December – Narcissus

Surprise your partner with flowers each month. Signing up is easy and you can arrange this unique gift with one short phone call. The flowers will generally cost less than the price of one meal out with your partner.



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