The Language of Love: How to Say It With Roses

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What do the different colors of roses really mean?

The Language of Love: How to Say It With Roses

Roses come in many languages and there is sure to be one that will “speak” for you.

Burgundy Rose: “You do not know how beautiful you are to me.”

Christmas Rose: “You put my mind at ease.”

Coral Rose: “All of my desires are tied to you.”

Damask Rose: “You bring a freshness to my life that I have been missing.”

Dark Crimson Rose: “You make me grieve.”

Dog Rose: “The pleasure is worth all of the pain.”

Green Rose: “You make me feel strange.”

Hibiscus Rose: “Your delicacy amazes me.”

Lavender Rose: “You have me under your spell.”

Orange Rose: “You have my attention. I am fascinated.”

Pink Rose: “You are too sweet to me.”

Dark Pink Rose: “I am so thankful that you are in my life.”

Peach Rose: “You don't have to be modest with me.”

Red Rose: “I love you.”

Deep Red Rose: “You have nothing to be shy about.”

White Rose: “I respect your innocence.”

Yellow Rose: “I'm sorry I get so jealous.”



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