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A pin-on corsage will not work on my prom dress, what should I do if my date brings me one?

How to Get Through an Awkward Corsage Moment

Depending upon the style of dress you are wearing to your prom, the corsage your date brings you may not work if it is a pin-on corsage. If this is the case, you should pin your prom corsage to your purse. This will keep your date from feeling awkward, and it will dress up your handbag for the special occasion.

I don't want to give my date the traditional prom corsage, what do you suggest?

A Unique Take on Prom Flowers

If you would like to give your prom date something unique, think about other ways you can give prom flowers. Talk to your date to see if she would like her prom flowers strung together as a bracelet or necklace. A small, delicate flower such as the mini carnation works magic when used as a prom necklace or bracelet. If this is something that your date would like, take a ribbon, or material swatch, from your date's dress to the florist so he or she can match the colors perfectly.

I've never bought a corsage before, what should I buy?

What You Should Know About Purchasing a Prom Corsage

If you have never purchased a corsage before, you may be a little confused about purchasing one for your prom date. The three traditional ways that prom corsages are made include handheld nosegays, wrist corsages and pin-on corsages. You should talk with your date to see which she would prefer. If you are uncomfortable talking to your prom date about a flower choice, you should probably go with a wrist corsage. Wrist corsages work with any style of dress, and you can also avoid the awkward moment of having to pin it on!

Should my prom corsage and my date's boutonniere match?

Coordinate Your Prom Corsage and Boutonniere

You should talk with your date about your prom flowers. Just as you want your prom dress and tuxedo to coordinate, your flowers should also be similar. The pair of you should talk with your local florist and bring him or her color samples so your prom corsage and boutonniere will match. A girl can bring in a ribbon that matches her dress and the boy can bring in his tie. Florists are more than happy to talk with you individually if you want your date's flowers to be a surprise until prom night.

Do you have any tips for purchasing prom flowers?

Order Your Prom Flowers Early

The key to making a successful purchase of prom flowers is to start shopping early. You can order your date's flowers up to three weeks in advance. This way you will have a wide range of flowers to choose from, not just what has been picked over by someone else. Flowers go quick during the prom season, don't find yourself handing your date a skimpy corsage or boutonniere.

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