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What kind of flowers should I give a new girlfriend for her birthday?

Don't Overdue the Floral Gift for a New Girlfriend?

Let's be honest, birthday gifts can be really hard to pick out, especially if it's a gift for a new romantic interest.

  • If you want to give a new girlfriend birthday flowers be careful—you don't want to overdo it.
  • If the relationship is fairly new, red roses aren't the best route to take—we all know that roses are a universal symbol for love.
  • If you want to buy your new honey some birthday flowers, why not invest in some beautiful, a colorful bouquet of daisies, or some breathtaking wild flowers—or a mixed of all three.

A mixed bouquet is always an appropriate choice for any occasion. This type of an arrangement will let the person know that you are thinking about them without going overboard. Say “I care” without saying too much.

When should I give roses as a birthday gift?

Send a Message of Love…or Don't

Slow down, lover boy! Unless you have an intimate relationship with a woman roses (specifically red roses) may not be the best birthday flower to give to her. A bouquet of red roses is the stereotypical gift for one lover to give to another lover. The beauty of roses is that they're good for any occasion or no occasion at all. They sing “I love you” louder than any gift (save a diamond ring). So, unless this is the message you want to send, opt for a less powerful flora.

A good idea is to search a variety of seasonal flowers online, or have someone suggest an arragement for you. Seasonal flowers are likely to be abundant and healthy—they are in season, after all. Your sweetie will appreciate the beautiful gesture without feeling overwhelmed by underlying meanings that you may or may not have meant to imply.

Should I give flowers "just because"?

Flowers for all occassions

OK, we can all agree that birthday flowers are a great idea but do you want to know a little secret? It doesn't have to be someone's birthday to give them flowers. A flower arrangement is beautiful “just because” gesture that lets someone know they are special. In addition, studies have shown that receiving flowers can boost a person's sense of wellbeing and can give them an overall feeling of happiness.

Fresh flowers and floral arrangements are perhaps the most popular gifts on the planet. Nothing can make a person smile quicker than an unexpected flower delivery. And, with flowers you can give a non-verbal “hello,” “I love you,” or “just thinking of you” without even being there. So, don't wait for an occasion, make someone smile just because you want to.

Which flowers make better gifts for which women?

Make an Appropriate Birthday Flower Choice for That Lady

Are you looking for a gorgeous birthday present for that gorgeous lady? You'll be hard pressed to find a woman who doesn't love to receive flowers. As simple as they are to send, birthday flower arrangements are the perfect way to make any girl feel special.

Before buying just any flowers, however, you should take into consideration the the woman for whom you are buying flowers. What type of relationship do you have with her?

Here's a little guide to making appropriate choices: If you want to buy flowers for a female relative think bright, cheerful flowers like daisies, wildflowers, lilies, or tulips. Red roses are always an appropriate choice for a long-term romantic interest—they send a message of love (for a new romantic interest pink is a better choice). If you do want to purchase roses for a nonromantic gift, choose a color other than red (think orange or yellow).

Are flowers a good last minute gift?

In a Pinch, Choose Flowers

One of the biggest differences between birthday flowers and gifts is the amount of planning that it takes. Flowers make the perfect last minute gift because you can put in a minimal effort and the finished product will still be fantastic. If you're in a pinch because you remember a birthday at the last minute call a florist or go online, and get the flowers delivered to the recipient that same day.

Truth be told, a flower arrangement will be that much more meaningful if you put some time and thought into selecting it. There are so many options that you could easily find one that's perfect for anyone that you know. And, if you put in the effort it will be obvious. Take the time to pick out the recipient's favorite flowers and colors to make an arrangement that reminds you of him or her.

Who should I buy birthday flower arrangements for?

Birthday Flower Arrangements are for Everyone

It's inevitable—everyone has a birthday. And, with so many birthdays it can be hard to keep track of all of them. If a birthday sneaks up on you and you're short on shopping time, have no fear. Chances are you have a florist near your home, and an online site can find them quickly.

There are so many types of plants that you will definitely be able to find something perfect for anyone. Whether the birthday person is male, female, lover, friend, or family member, birthday flower arrangements can be designed to deliver the exact message that you are trying to get across.

Can I give flowers to a man?

Newsflash: Flowers Aren't Emasculating

Giving a man a birthday floral arrangement will not emasculate him. Believe it or not, men like receiving flowers too. In fact, surveys have proven that the majority of men would be happy to receive flowers on any occasion. So, whether it be a brother, boyfriend, or father, there's a good chance he'll appreciate a flower arrangement.

The perfect choice of floral gift to give a male would be one of a vivid color (no pinks or pastels). Think orange or yellow unless, of course, you're sending birthday flowers to your lover. In which case, red roses are an excellent and appropriate way to say “I love you.”

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