Send a Message of Love…or Don't

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When should I give roses as a birthday gift?

Send a Message of Love…or Don't

Slow down, lover boy! Unless you have an intimate relationship with a woman roses (specifically red roses) may not be the best birthday flower to give to her. A bouquet of red roses is the stereotypical gift for one lover to give to another lover. The beauty of roses is that they're good for any occasion or no occasion at all. They sing “I love you” louder than any gift (save a diamond ring). So, unless this is the message you want to send, opt for a less powerful flora.

A good idea is to search a variety of seasonal flowers online, or have someone suggest an arragement for you. Seasonal flowers are likely to be abundant and healthy—they are in season, after all. Your sweetie will appreciate the beautiful gesture without feeling overwhelmed by underlying meanings that you may or may not have meant to imply.



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