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What do the different colors of carnations mean?

The Language of Flowers: The Meaning Behind Carnations

Just as roses have many languages, carnations are second in line to expressing those things that are sometimes hard to say.

Pink Carnation: “I will never, ever forget you.”

Red Carnation: “My heart longs for you.”

Deep Red Carnation: “I don't know if my heart can take the pain.”

Purple Carnation: “I'm sorry I am so moody.”

Striped Carnation: “I just cannot be with you right now.”

White Carnation: “You are so sweet. Your innocence is refreshing.”

Yellow Carnation: “You are such a disappointment.”

What do lilies and lilacs represent?

The Language of Flowers: Lilacs and Lilies

Most women love receiving lilacs or lilies. There is just something about those flowers that brings a smile to a woman's face. If you want to send a special message, think about doing so with lilacs or lilies.

General Lilacs: “You are so beautiful.”

Purple Lilac: “I think I am falling in love with you.”

White Lilac: “You are so innocent.”

White Lily: “I'm in Heaven when we're together.”

Yellow Lily: “I'm living in a dream.”

Eucharis Lily: “I've been snared by your charms.”

Lily of the Valley: “I am humbled.”

Tiger Lily: “I am so proud of you.”

Are there any special meanings behind the different colors of geraniums?

The Language of Flowers: What Geraniums Say

Geraniums give you a wide range of messages to send.

Apple Geranium: “You are my favorite.”

Ivy Geranium: “Save your dances for me.”

Lemon Geranium: “I enjoyed our unexpected meeting.”

Nutmeg Geranium: “I expect to see you soon. Don't disappoint me.”

Oak-Leaf Geranium: “You are my true friend, lady.”

Penciled Geranium: “You are so clever!”

Scarlet Geranium: “I am sad.”

Silver-Leaf Geranium: “I remember.”

Are there any flowers I can send (besides roses) that will express my true feelings to my partner?

The Language of Love: For True Love

While the red rose will always be the symbol of true love, there are other flowers that can express the feelings of love -- and then some. If you want to go the extra mile and say more than just “I love you” try sending one of these flowers to your partner.

Red Catchfly: “I can't escape your charms.”

Dahlia: “You are mine, forever.”

Red Daisy: “You do not know how beautiful you are to me.”

Dill: “You satisfy all of my . . . needs.”

Spanish Jasmine: “You are everything I want. No one can compare to you.”

Lungwort: “You are my everything.”

Peach Blossom: “My heart is your prisoner.”

Venus Flytrap: “I am at your mercy. I am yours.”

What kind of flowers can I send to a new love interest?

The Language of Flowers: For New Love

If there is someone who has recently caught your affections, there are many flowers that you can give that will represent your feelings. Whether you are simply intrigued by that special someone, or if you are completely bewitched – there is a flower that can let your new love interest have an inside peek into your heart.

White Camellia: “You are lovely and I adore you.”

Pink Camellia: “I have been watching you and long to be with you.”

Red Camellia: “I burn with passion for you.”

Rose Daphane: “My one goal is to please you.”

Winter Daphane: “You are perfect and there is nothing about you I would change.”

Gladioli: “I am sincere.”

Are there flowers you can send to someone that won't imply a romantic interest?

The Language of Flowers: For a Non-Romantic Interest

Is there someone in your inner circle (at work or in the community) who needs a lift to her day? If you want to bring a smile to someone's face without giving her the impression that you are interested in her in a “romantic” fashion, there are flowers that fit the bill.

Cherry Blossom: “You are so smart!”

Crocus: “You're my friend and I want you to cheer up!”

Delphinium: “You have such a big heart, don't let life bring you down.”

Geranium: “You are a true friend.”

Snapdragon: “I admire your strength.”

White Hollyhock: “You can do anything you set your mind to do.

What flowers do you recommend for friendship?

Friendship Flowers

Yellow roses are the traditional flower symbolising friendship. The best way to show friendship and caring through flowers is choosing a flower that reminds you of the person. Otherwise, look up traditional flower meanings through google and write on the card the meanings of the flowers you have chosen.

Flowers to be avoided: red roses, of course, indicate passion rather than caring. White lilies are often used as a funeral flower. Also, make sure the person you are giving to isn't allergic to the perfume of the flowers you give them!

Is there a flower you can send to someone that you don't like?

The Language of Flowers: For Enemies and Love Gone Bad

Did you know that throughout history specific flowers were sent to enemies? If there is someone you simply detest and words just cannot do your feelings justice, why not say it with a flower? Simply sign the card with the sentiment the flowers represent. You can add your name or leave it anonymous. Sometimes sending flowers to a thwarted love or bitter enemy can bring closure to a situation that has continued to prick at your heart or mind.

Yellow Carnation: “You are such a disappointment.”

Bachelor Button: “I'm so happy to be single.”

Orange Lily: “I hate you.”

Dragon Lily: “You'll never win.”

Garlic: “No one is more evil than you.”

Monkshood: “You better watch your back.”

Orange Mock: “You're a liar.”

Rhododendron: “Stay away. I'm very dangerous.”

Dried White Rose: “I'd rather die than be with you.”

Someone recently died, are there any special flowers that will convey my feelings?

The Language of Flowers: For the Deceased

If someone especially close to you has died, you should be selective in the flowers you send to the grave. While the sentiment will only be known by you, it can do much to help start the healing process.

Asphodel: “I have so many regrets.”

Bittersweet: “Only now can I see the truth clearly.”

Bell Flower: “Thank you for everything.”

Deep Red Carnation: “I don't know if my heart can take the pain.”

Bindweed: “What will I do without you?”

Maidenhair Fern: “My secret love.”

Lotus: “I'm sorry if I ever caused you any pain.”

Prince's Feather: “I will love you forever.”

Sweet Pea: “Goodbye.”

Traveler's Joy: “Have a peaceful journey.”

What do the different colors of roses really mean?

The Language of Love: How to Say It With Roses

Roses come in many languages and there is sure to be one that will “speak” for you.

Burgundy Rose: “You do not know how beautiful you are to me.”

Christmas Rose: “You put my mind at ease.”

Coral Rose: “All of my desires are tied to you.”

Damask Rose: “You bring a freshness to my life that I have been missing.”

Dark Crimson Rose: “You make me grieve.”

Dog Rose: “The pleasure is worth all of the pain.”

Green Rose: “You make me feel strange.”

Hibiscus Rose: “Your delicacy amazes me.”

Lavender Rose: “You have me under your spell.”

Orange Rose: “You have my attention. I am fascinated.”

Pink Rose: “You are too sweet to me.”

Dark Pink Rose: “I am so thankful that you are in my life.”

Peach Rose: “You don't have to be modest with me.”

Red Rose: “I love you.”

Deep Red Rose: “You have nothing to be shy about.”

White Rose: “I respect your innocence.”

Yellow Rose: “I'm sorry I get so jealous.”

What kind of flowers can you send an ex to show you have no bad feelings?

The Language of Flowers: To Bid Love Farewell

Not only can flowers express your love, but they can also tell that special someone farewell. If you are experiencing a break up, but still harbor feelings of friendship or concern about your ex, let flowers speak for you.

Cyclamen: “I know it's over.”

Dog Rose: “I would do it all over again.”

Everlasting: “I will never forget what we had.”

White Heather: “I hope all of your dreams come true.”

Tea Rose: “You will forever hold a special place in my heart.”

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