The Language of Flowers: For New Love

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What kind of flowers can I send to a new love interest?

The Language of Flowers: For New Love

If there is someone who has recently caught your affections, there are many flowers that you can give that will represent your feelings. Whether you are simply intrigued by that special someone, or if you are completely bewitched – there is a flower that can let your new love interest have an inside peek into your heart.

White Camellia: “You are lovely and I adore you.”

Pink Camellia: “I have been watching you and long to be with you.”

Red Camellia: “I burn with passion for you.”

Rose Daphane: “My one goal is to please you.”

Winter Daphane: “You are perfect and there is nothing about you I would change.”

Gladioli: “I am sincere.”



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