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What should I expect from my florist?

A Good Florist Will Do What's Best for You

As a consumer you want and deserve the best and your florist should give it to you. When deciding on a florist, make sure that their merchandise is up to par. Are the flowers fresh? Is there a good selection? If you think that you've found a florist that you like that provides you with these things, browse around some other places in the area to see how they compare. The florist that you select should stand out in the crowd.

In addition to carrying quality products, a good florist will provide you with the supplies and instructions that you need to care for your purchase. The florists should walk you through the steps on how to properly care for your flowers or plant. In addition, they should provide you with a small supply of plant food and some instructions on how to maximize the life of your purchase.

How can I find the right florist for me?

Find a Florist for You

When it comes down to it sometimes seeing is believing. And, if you want to find a good local florist, get out there and look for one. Once you set foot in a flower shop you can get a feel for what they have to offer. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you like the display arrangements?
  • Is there signs of artistic expression in the florist's arrangements?
  • Is there consistently nice design and presentation?
  • Are there a lot of plants and flowers to choose from?
  • Does the menu span from the ordinary rose to exotic tropical foliage that you've never seen before?

If you can answer yes to the majority of these questions then you've probably found a good florist. Overall it's matter of taste—find what YOU like.

What should a florist do for me?

Get Personal With Your Florist

If you're trying to choose between local florists to find the best one for you, think on a personal level. It's in your best interest to select a florist who is willing to get to know you personally; this entails the following:

  • He/she will remember the types of bouquets and arrangements that you prefer
  • He/she will keep track of your special occasions and send you reminders about them
  • He/she will ask a lot of questions to suit your needs perfectly
  • He/she will ask questions to determine exactly what you're looking for
  • He/she will offer advice and suggestions for all of your needs

How should I pick a florist?

Only Pick the Best

It's human nature to want the best in all things and choosing a florist should be no exception. Are you trying to figure out how to find the best florists? The best florists in the business are those that belong to special groups of professionals that are committed to being the best in the field.

The best way to differentiate between the best florists and the rest is to search for an affiliation with national wire services (like FTD florists), national trade associations such as the Society of American Florists, local and state trade associations, and local civic and community organizations. Don't settle for any florist, get one that truly knows the business and is recognized for it.

How can I find out about a great florist?

Ask Around About Florists

Are you trying to uncover the secret of who the best florists in town are? Guess what, it's probably not a secret! If there's a great florist in town, chances are that everyone is talking about it. And, the best path to to a fantastic florist is by following word of mouth. A truly great florist will probably have a following of satisfied customers and have built a solid reputation.

Before selecting just any old florist, ask around for recommendations, people will likely be eager to give you their opinions. If word of mouth isn't an option and you end up looking online or in the yellow pages for a florist choose a local one. And, if you would rather go with a national florist, pick one that is well established (read reviews to be sure that they have a good reputation in the business).

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