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What are unrelated color schemes?

Unrelated Color Schemes

Unrelated consist of colors that are dissimilar to each other but are harmonious by contrast. One of the most popular kinds of unrelated color schemes is called "direct complimentary."
In this type of scheme, contrasting colors are situated directly across from each other on a color wheel. For example, violet is directly across from yellow. Therefore, pairing asters with marigolds would create a direct complimentary scheme.

Another type of unrelated scheme is called a triade harmony scheme. In this type of scheme, three colors are used that are equally as equidistant from each other as the three primary colors are equidistant from each other.

The key to creating a successful unrelated color scheme is to use creativity. Play with different colors and flower arrangements online, or at your local florist. You'll be amazed by the beautiful arrangements you can create.

How can I use texture in a flower arrangement?

Texturally Sound

One of the most important aspects of any flower arrangement is texture. It may sound strange but when deciding which flowers should be put together, it's useful to think of flowers like fabrics. Think of smooth as opposed to rough; think of shiny in contrast to dull—what looks the most pleasing together? You wouldn't mix corduroy with silk so why would you mix orchids with daisies? Some textures just don't compliment each other.

Use textures to make arrangements more interesting. Even if there is only one type of flower in the arrangement, turn the buds, stems, and blooms to make a texturally appealing bouquet. And, use foliage to your advantage; place big, slick leaves around a flower cluster focal point. You'll be surprised what texture can do for even the simplest of arrangements.


Making Cut Flowers Last Longer

To extend the life of your fresh cut flowers, take them out of their vase and trim their stems every couple of days. Then, replace the vase water with fresh warm water.

What are related color schemes?

Can You Relate?

Can the colors in your bouquet of flowers relate to each other? The two general kinds of color harmonies when it comes to flowers are related and unrelated. Related color schemes are the most simple to pull off. The easiest related harmony to pull off is called monochromatic.

If you're working with a monochromatic color scheme, you're dealing with varying hues of one color. For example, you might mix deep purples along with paler purples and lavenders. The arrangement consists of different tints, tones and shades of only one color.

The other related color harmony is called analogous. An analogous color harmony consists of at least three different colors, all of which must be adjacent to each other on the color wheel. Within these bouquets, you must use multiple shades and tints of the three (or more) colors selected. The outcome is an aesthetically pleasing mixture of harmonious tones.

Should an arrangement have a dominant color?

Stabilizing Domination

A big floral arrangement “do” is the usage of a dominant color. Even if the overall design of an arrangement consists of multiple colors, one color (or color value) should be dominant in comparison to the rest. Having a dominant color will add stability to the arrangement and give it unity.

Choose a dominant color that is expressive of the message you want the arrangement to get across. Is it a bouquet that you wish to give a message of happiness? If so, pick yellow as a dominant color and the message will shout out, even if there are hues of blues or purples mixed in.

What are the words associated with color?

Flower Arranging 101

In order to understand how to arrange flowers in accordance to color you have to understand the words associated with colors. Here is a little cheat sheet of the definitions of words commonly used to describe color:

  • Hue: synonymous to the word color at times but also refers to the family to which a color belongs
  • Value: Describes color in regard to lightness and darkness
  • Tint: To add white, or white is already added
  • Shading: darkening a value by adding black or a complementary colors
  • Chroma: saturation or strength or intensity of a hue

Do spotted designs work?

Do You See Spots?

One of the biggest "no no's" when it comes to floral arrangements is to create spotted designs. A spotted design is exactly what it sounds like, a design in which there are sporadic colors that do not fit together in a logical color scheme (related or unrelated).

This type of arrangement was popular in Victorian times but is better left to that period. Modern flower arrangements are those that have a sense of overall unity within the color scheme. A greater unity creates a more aesthetically appealing display.

What are the principles and elements flower arranging?

Follow the Rules

Arranging flower bouquets is not unlike gardening. Would you plant a mess of random seeds that don't go together logically, like roses, wildflowers, and tulips? Of course not, so why would you arrange a bouquet that way?

The goal in any type of flower arrangement, whether it be in a vase or in a yard, is to follow the rules. Arranging flowers is an art form and, in order to be successful at it, you must adhere to the design principles and elements. These principles and elements include balance, harmony, unity, and rhythm.

Should grave flowers be artificial or real?

Decoration Day Flower Tips

Most churches and/or rural communities hold an annual Spring Decoration Day. Decoration Day is a homecoming event where a picnic, preaching, and singing are held in the community to mark the decorating of the cemetery. Unfortunately, many of the flowers that are placed in cemeteries today are plastic. This is a far cry from days of old when graves were decorated with flowers from a family's yard – such as violets, lilies, or tulips.

Yet, there are still individuals who hold true to the old ways and put fresh Decoration Day flowers out on their loved one's grave. While living flowers may not last forever like plastic flowers, it is the meaning that counts. The blooming of flowers in May represent the circle of life and that is why fresh, living flowers should be placed on graves.

If you have a Decoration Day on the horizon, you are encouraged to place real flowers in the cemetery. If the cemetery where your loved one is buried has rules about how long flowers can remain on the grave, simply take them home and plant them in your yard. It will be a living reminder of your loved one that you can enjoy throughout the year.

I have a friend who is opening a small business, what should I buy her to mark the occasion?

Flower Gift Certificates

If you have a friend or extended family member who is opening their own office or business, you should purchase them a flower gift certificate. If you walk into any office or place of business, the chances are very high that you will see flowers somewhere. Everyone likes flowers, even business owners. With the many varieties of flowers available, there is always one that will match any business decor. A flower gift certificate is the perfect gift for someone branching out on their own in the small business or professional world. Certificates are personal gifts – yet they allow the receiver freedom of choice.

Graduation Flowers

Graduation Flowers

Nothing marks a special occasion like the gift of flowers. If you have a female friend or loved one who is graduating – be it from high school or college – you should show her how proud you are by giving her graduation flowers.

A traditional gift of roses will please any high school graduate. The roses can eventually be pressed and placed in a scrapbook or high school yearbook as a memento of the special day.

You may want to go a different route with a graduating college student. Males and females alike will cherish a planter garden or a flowering plant that they can place in their new apartments or offices. This gift will be symbolic of their independence into complete adulthood and it will be something they will cherish forever.

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