Texturally Sound

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How can I use texture in a flower arrangement?

Texturally Sound

One of the most important aspects of any flower arrangement is texture. It may sound strange but when deciding which flowers should be put together, it's useful to think of flowers like fabrics. Think of smooth as opposed to rough; think of shiny in contrast to dull—what looks the most pleasing together? You wouldn't mix corduroy with silk so why would you mix orchids with daisies? Some textures just don't compliment each other.

Use textures to make arrangements more interesting. Even if there is only one type of flower in the arrangement, turn the buds, stems, and blooms to make a texturally appealing bouquet. And, use foliage to your advantage; place big, slick leaves around a flower cluster focal point. You'll be surprised what texture can do for even the simplest of arrangements.



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