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How can I keep my fresh flowers fresh?

Keep Those Flowers Fresh

So you stopped by the local flower shop and got a beautiful arrangement for the dining room. Now, how do you keep it looking beautiful? Here are some great tips to keep the life in your flowers:

  • Always cut fresh flowers before placing them in a vase.
  • Keep the water chilled by adding fresh water and ice to the vase daily.
  • Always use the flower food provided by the florist.
  • Change the water frequently (every 3-4 days) and re-cut the flower stems.
  • Use a container that gives your flowers room to breathe and make sure you clean it. • Cut an inch off the stems every few days.
  • Cut stems under running water to prevent air bubbles from sealing off the openings.
  • Always use a sharp pair of scissors or knife to cut stems.
  • Feed your flowers regularly.
  • Remove leaves that would fall below the water line in the vase or container.
  • Keep your flowers away from extreme temperatures.
  • Keep flowers fresh.
  • Remove any flowers that begin to fade or wilt.

What can a local flower shop do for me?

Realize Your Florist's Full Potential

The majority of flower arrangements and bouquets given as gifts are purchased from local flower shops. The truth is, however, that most people think that the people running these shops are just selling flowers but they are capable of much more than that. There are many things that most people don't realize about local flower shops, including:

  • These florists are professionals and they have the ability to create unique arrangements for any occasion
  • There are many shops that are available twenty-four hours a day (via Internet and telephone) for your ordering needs
  • A local florist can connect with a number of other florists nationwide (and sometimes across the globe) to guarantee that your order will get where it's supposed to go on time
  • No matter how tiny a flower shop may be, they have access to a lot and will usually provide a large selection of flowers and plants

Do floral trends change?

Stay with the Current Floral Trends

Would you leave your house decorated in 80s décor? Would you choose a 10-year-old dress over one that is at the height of this season's fashion? Probably not. So, why would you buy an outdated floral arrangement?

In case you didn't realize, flowers are very much a part of the social and fashion scenes. And, along with everything else, flower arrangement styles change with the times. New trends emerge everyday and the floral world change to keep up. The people who work in flower shops are professionals. They know all about flower arranging as well as current popular trends in floral arrangements. No matter what the occasion is, these people can help you find exactly what you need. So, ask for help and feel confident in your decision.

What else can flower shops offer besides flowers?

Are You Missing Out?

Are you fully utilizing your local flower shop? Sure, you might pick up some lovely bouquets to put on your table, send fantastic arrangements out on special occasions, and get some beautiful wreaths to hang on your door but is this all you can get from your local florist? Nope.

What you may not realize is that local flower shops offer a lot more to their customers. Have you checked up on special customer benefits or rewards programs? You might be missing out. In addition, your florist might offer special classes to educate consumers on how to care for and/or arrange flowers. Take a closer look at your flower shop or you may end up missing out.

What can a florist do for me?

Utilize That Florist

What is that flower and gift shop good for anyway? Are you wondering what a good florist can do for you? Most people don't realize that florists are professionals with the training and know-how to create art with flora. Here are just a few thing that a florist can help you with:

  • Creating that breathtaking display of long-stemmed roses for your Valentine
  • Welcoming a new bundle of joy into the world with adorable arrangements in pink and blue
  • Showing Mom thanks on Mother's Day with a fabulous gift basket
  • Custom-designing all of your wedding flower needs
  • Supplying festive poinsettia plants and wreaths for Christmas
  • Cheering up a sick friend or relative with a cheerful flower display
  • Creating the perfect centerpieces to liven up a party or event
  • Honoring and remembering loved ones and friends with funeral tributes

Do I need a reason to give flowers?

Throw her for a Loop

OK, OK, we all know that giving flowers is the international way to say “I messed up and I'm sorry” but the best reason to give her flowers is for no reason at all. When you buy her that bouquet because you made a boo-boo, although the gesture is nice, it's clear that it's a mercy plea or forgiveness.

On the other hand, if you stop by that local flower shop and buy her a dozen roses just because you want her to know that she is constantly on your mind, she'll feel beautiful, appreciated, and adored. Every woman loves to receive flowers but, even more than receiving them, women love to be surprised.

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