Valentine's Day Flowers Tips

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What should I write on my Valentines Day card?

Make Your Valentine's Flowers Stick Out

Valentine's Day flowers are a dime a dozen. Well, actually, they can be quite expensive although they are the most stereotypical gift around. Do you want to make your bouquet really stand out? Make your flowers really stand out by including a memorable card. Here are some great ideas:

  1. You're always on my mind. I love you forever.
  2. I can't wait to celebrate this special day with you.
  3. I couldn't wait another day to say I Love You! (send the flowers on the 13th)
  4. For the most beautiful woman in the world.
  5. A dozen reminders of my love for you.
  6. With you by my side, it's Valentine's Day 365 days a year.
  7. My love for you is immeasurable.
  8. You fill my life with joy.
  9. I treasure every minute that I spend with you.
  10. You make the world a more beautiful place.

Happy Valentines Day!

How can I make my Valentines roses last?

Keep Those Valentine's Roses Looking Spectacular

Roses are the most popular Valentine's Day flowers given and there's no wonder why; they're absolutely beautiful. Nothing says “I love you” like a dozen red roses and, if you receive some, you'll want to make those beauties looking amazing as long as possible. Here are some great tips on keeping that coveted flora thriving:

First, remove each individual rose from its plastic water tube (they usually come in these). Then, get rid of any leaves that will fall under the water line, but don't cut through or damage the stems.

Next, re-cut the stems while holding them under running water (remove 1 to 2 inches with a really sharp knife). After cutting, immediately place the roses in a freshly cleaned vase filled with an adequate mixture of water and flower food (the food will be provided by the florist).

Be sure to check the water level on a daily basis making sure to keep it fresh and full. If the water becomes dirty and cloudy, dump it out completely, clean the vase, and refill it. It's also important to keep your roses out of extreme temperatures.

To whom should I send valentines day flowers?

Remember all the Special Ladies in Your Life on Valentine's Day

So, it's a given that the special lady in your life is on your Valentine's Day flower delivery list but are you forgetting someone? Chances are that there are a lot of special women in your life. A floral gift can display feelings ranging anywhere from romantic love to friendly to somewhere in between the two. Your wife or girlfriend will adore that bouquet, however, so will your mother, sister, daughter, and friends.

So, you've got your list straight now you have to choose your gifts. Want a tip? Be original and try something different. There are so many beautiful flowers out there that come in every color imaginable. So, instead of giving those red roses, consider pink, yellow, orange, white, or assorted colors. And, remember, while roses are common gifts, women will appreciate something new.

How can I help my sewwtheart to remember Valentines Day?

Don't Let him Forget!

Ladies, if your man is forgetful when it comes to special occasions, it's up to you to make sure that he remembers. Do you want that romantic dinner or that spectacular Valentine's Day flower delivery? Well, you better get on top of it, girl! Here are some great ideas to get your point across:

  • Circle February 14th on every calendar around the house (and in his personal planner)
  • Send out for brochures that display romantic vacation destinations or bed and breakfasts and leave them out in the open.
  • Get in cahoots with some of his buddies—ask them to give him casual reminders for you.
  • A few weeks before Valentine's Day, start leaving your sweetie little romantic reminders.
  • Drop subtle verbal hints about what you'd like to do or receive on Valentine's Day.

What kind of valentines flowers should I choose?

Flowers are Timeless

Flowers are a timeless gift and women have happily been accepting them as gifts throughout history. More flowers are purchased on Valentine's Day than any other day of the year and there's a reason why—women love them. Nothing can make a woman feel quite as beautiful and special as a bouquet of flowers. Buying flowers for a valentine can be tricky, however. There are so many choices of flowers so how exactly do you choose one?

When selecting flowers for your special someone you can always go with a classic like red roses. Red roses send a definite message of love, however, so don't give them unless you genuinely want to imply such things. If you want to buy something other than roses, look for delicate flowers with soft, feminine hues. And, don't be afraid to ask the florist for help—that's what they're there for."

What do flowers symbolize?

Make Her Feel Special

It's not a generational thing—women have always loved receiving flowers as gifts. To put it simply, flowers symbolize life, beauty, and love. When you give a woman flowers she will feel vibrant, beautiful and loved. For this reason, giving flowers for Valentine's Day is a winning idea.

Show that lady that you truly care for her by investing in a breathtaking display of long-stemmed red roses or a bouquet of exotic flora. This gift is sure to heighten her affection levels for you, and make her feel like she's someone very special to you. And, fellows, you can be certain that she will reciprocate your affections.

Can I give a man valentines day flowers?

Valentine's Day Flowers Aren't Just for Women

Let's face the facts, women have Valentine's Day sweeties too. And, it can sometimes prove to be a difficult task to select a gift for a man. Well, believe it or not men are certainly not exempt from receiving flowers as a gift. While flowers are stereotypically a gift given to women, men really do appreciate receiving them as well.

If you opt to look into Valentine's Day flower arrangements for your man, don't just choose any arrangement—don't even think about choosing pink flowers, for example. If you give a man really delicate and feminine flowers it can be emasculating. The best flowers to choose are ones with brilliant hues like reds, yellows, and blues. And, if you want to make an arrangement even more masculine have it arranged in a more masculine container (something rustic, perhaps).

How far ahead should I plan my Valentines Day gifts?

Go the Extra Mile for Your Valentine

Want to know the key to a successful Valentine's Day? Don't wait until the last minute! Sure, we've all done it; we waited until mere hours before meeting up with our sweeties to pick up Valentine's Day flowers. It takes little thought to pick up a bouquet on the way to see her, but how romantic is a gesture that you put no thought into? And just because you can get away with it doesn't make it any more romantic!

If you really want to prove to that lady how special she is to you, start planning your Valentine's Day at least a week before (2 weeks to be safe). Make reservations at a fantastic restaurant and order a spectacular flower arrangement—she's worth the effort. If you really want to sweep her off her feet, start your Valentine's Day gift giving a week ahead of time. Buy 6 little romantic gifts and leave her a little something every day leading up to the 14th. Here are some great ideas:

  • Write her a poem and leave it in her mailbox or sing a love song on her voicemail
  • Place some candles and some luxurious bath crystals next to her tub
  • Bring over a nice bottle of wine and some to-go food from a great restaurant
  • Make her a mixed CD of love songs and leave it in her car
  • Buy her a gift certificate to get her nails or hair done
  • Bring her to that show or movie that she's been dying to see

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