Don't Let him Forget!

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How can I help my sewwtheart to remember Valentines Day?

Don't Let him Forget!

Ladies, if your man is forgetful when it comes to special occasions, it's up to you to make sure that he remembers. Do you want that romantic dinner or that spectacular Valentine's Day flower delivery? Well, you better get on top of it, girl! Here are some great ideas to get your point across:

  • Circle February 14th on every calendar around the house (and in his personal planner)
  • Send out for brochures that display romantic vacation destinations or bed and breakfasts and leave them out in the open.
  • Get in cahoots with some of his buddies—ask them to give him casual reminders for you.
  • A few weeks before Valentine's Day, start leaving your sweetie little romantic reminders.
  • Drop subtle verbal hints about what you'd like to do or receive on Valentine's Day.



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