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What can I do if my flowers won't dry naturally?

Assist in the Drying Process

Unfortunately, not all flowers can be dried easily and, many flowers are unable to dry naturally. Don't worry, however, you can still preserve a florist delivery. To help the drying process, buy a drying agent like silica gel—you can find this in most garden or floral supply stores (it will be called assorted names). Next, read and follow the instructions in order to use the gel properly. Generally you will instructed to fill a shallow container with the silica and place the flowers over it. Then, you will continue adding the silica until the flowers are completely submerged.

In about 2 to 3 days the flowers and/or leaves should feel like paper. It's best to store the flowers in dry boxes—it also helps to put a little silica in the box as well (it helps to keep the air dry).

How can I care for the stems of fresh flowers?

Tend to Those Stems

A floral delivery is a gift that let's you know you're special. If someone took the time to think of you with flowers, make sure you properly maintain the flowers—starting with the stems. Believe it or not, stem maintenance is essential when caring for fresh cut flowers. Here are some stem tips to take into consideration:

  • Some flower stems will release a white sap when they are cut. To prevent the loss of valuable sustenance, submerge the tips of the stems into boiling water, in ice water or into a flame to seal the tips.
  • Plants with thick or woody stems that are hard should be compacted or ripped with a sharp knife.
  • Short stems should be put in a vase with something to help them stand them higher.
  • Place the longest stems in the middle of the arrangement and the shorter ones around the edges.

For same day delivery should I order online?

Choose a Local Florist Over Online Services for Same Day Delivery

Most floral companies definitely offer same day delivery options. If you want to make a same day delivery florist order, it's best to arrange the service through your local florist. There's a chance that you will need to contact many shops before finding the perfect one.

Many flower shops daily deadlines for same day deliver services while others may run same day deliveries all day. There's a chance that some well-established florists charge additional processing fees for same day orders. In many cases, however, florists are happy to oblige and accommodate without a fuss or fees.

In general, it's a bad idea to order flowers online for same day delivery. Lots of websites offer this service but many ask for at least a three day notice. And, many will charge a large fee. Be sure to read all of that fine print—keep your eyes peeled for hidden fees that may be tacked on. In addition, if you are doing a rush order your options may be limited or could get mixed up—be extremely specific when ordering.

Can I get flowers delivered the same day?

Flowers in a Rush is Simple

Despite the not-so-subtle hints you've been receiving for the past month, you've managed to forget your wife or girlfriend's birthday—again. Boy, are you in trouble! Calm down, buddy, it's time to concoct a master plan. Just because you forgot doesn't mean that it has to look like you did. The first thing that you have to do is make some killer dinner plans at a ridiculously romantic restaurant—ASAP.

Once that is accomplished, get on flower patrol. Now, you could easily hit up your local florist and pick up a beautiful bouquet but the truth is that most women really enjoy receiving those surprise deliveries (especially at work where they will surely be the envy of every other woman). Now, if you've waited until the day of her birthday delivery is out of the question, right? Wrong. Same day delivery florist options are readily available. Call or head into a local florist shop and tell them to put a rush same day delivery order in on some long stem red roses.

If your local florist doesn't offer this option, do a search online and you will easily locate a florist that does. Then, my friend, you're home free.

How can I air dry fresh flowers?

Preserve Those Beauties

As beautiful as those flower deliveries look when they arrive on your doorstep, you can bet your money on the fact that they won't stay that way. Eventually they will wither and die. If you want to preserve their beauty and keep them forever, try air-drying them. To air dry fresh flowers follow these steps:

  • Arrange them when they look nice—long before they start to brown or wilt.
  • Tie a small number of stems together and hang them upside down.
  • Remove the leaves and hang the flowers in a dark, dry venilated place that is cool.
  • The drying period will take a while so leave the arrangement be for a week or two. Then, check to see if the flowers are crisp.
  • When the flowers are dry, store them in boxes or paper bags.

How can I help fresh cut flowers to live longer?

Give Them More Life

So, you've just been given an embarrassing display of roses and, as much as they make you blush sitting there on your desk, you want those beauties to live as long as possible. To keep your flower delivery looking lovely follow these tips:

  • Re-cut the stems at an angle underwater (2 inches or so); keep the stem wet while cutting to ensure only water is absorbed into the stems.
  • Don't let any foliage sit beneath the water line.
  • Use a clean vase that has been rinsed with warm water.
  • Use the plant food that comes with your arrangement or bouquet and follow the directions carefully.
  • Keep your flowers away from extreme heat and or draughts. They will do well in a cooler area.

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