Tend to Those Stems

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How can I care for the stems of fresh flowers?

Tend to Those Stems

A floral delivery is a gift that let's you know you're special. If someone took the time to think of you with flowers, make sure you properly maintain the flowers—starting with the stems. Believe it or not, stem maintenance is essential when caring for fresh cut flowers. Here are some stem tips to take into consideration:

  • Some flower stems will release a white sap when they are cut. To prevent the loss of valuable sustenance, submerge the tips of the stems into boiling water, in ice water or into a flame to seal the tips.
  • Plants with thick or woody stems that are hard should be compacted or ripped with a sharp knife.
  • Short stems should be put in a vase with something to help them stand them higher.
  • Place the longest stems in the middle of the arrangement and the shorter ones around the edges.



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