Choose a Local Florist Over Online Services for Same Day Delivery

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For same day delivery should I order online?

Choose a Local Florist Over Online Services for Same Day Delivery

Most floral companies definitely offer same day delivery options. If you want to make a same day delivery florist order, it's best to arrange the service through your local florist. There's a chance that you will need to contact many shops before finding the perfect one.

Many flower shops daily deadlines for same day deliver services while others may run same day deliveries all day. There's a chance that some well-established florists charge additional processing fees for same day orders. In many cases, however, florists are happy to oblige and accommodate without a fuss or fees.

In general, it's a bad idea to order flowers online for same day delivery. Lots of websites offer this service but many ask for at least a three day notice. And, many will charge a large fee. Be sure to read all of that fine print—keep your eyes peeled for hidden fees that may be tacked on. In addition, if you are doing a rush order your options may be limited or could get mixed up—be extremely specific when ordering.



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