Preserve Those Beauties

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How can I air dry fresh flowers?

Preserve Those Beauties

As beautiful as those flower deliveries look when they arrive on your doorstep, you can bet your money on the fact that they won't stay that way. Eventually they will wither and die. If you want to preserve their beauty and keep them forever, try air-drying them. To air dry fresh flowers follow these steps:

  • Arrange them when they look nice—long before they start to brown or wilt.
  • Tie a small number of stems together and hang them upside down.
  • Remove the leaves and hang the flowers in a dark, dry venilated place that is cool.
  • The drying period will take a while so leave the arrangement be for a week or two. Then, check to see if the flowers are crisp.
  • When the flowers are dry, store them in boxes or paper bags.



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