Keep Those Valentine's Roses Looking Spectacular

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How can I make my Valentines roses last?

Keep Those Valentine's Roses Looking Spectacular

Roses are the most popular Valentine's Day flowers given and there's no wonder why; they're absolutely beautiful. Nothing says “I love you” like a dozen red roses and, if you receive some, you'll want to make those beauties looking amazing as long as possible. Here are some great tips on keeping that coveted flora thriving:

First, remove each individual rose from its plastic water tube (they usually come in these). Then, get rid of any leaves that will fall under the water line, but don't cut through or damage the stems.

Next, re-cut the stems while holding them under running water (remove 1 to 2 inches with a really sharp knife). After cutting, immediately place the roses in a freshly cleaned vase filled with an adequate mixture of water and flower food (the food will be provided by the florist).

Be sure to check the water level on a daily basis making sure to keep it fresh and full. If the water becomes dirty and cloudy, dump it out completely, clean the vase, and refill it. It's also important to keep your roses out of extreme temperatures.



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