Decoration Day Flower Tips

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Should grave flowers be artificial or real?

Decoration Day Flower Tips

Most churches and/or rural communities hold an annual Spring Decoration Day. Decoration Day is a homecoming event where a picnic, preaching, and singing are held in the community to mark the decorating of the cemetery. Unfortunately, many of the flowers that are placed in cemeteries today are plastic. This is a far cry from days of old when graves were decorated with flowers from a family's yard – such as violets, lilies, or tulips.

Yet, there are still individuals who hold true to the old ways and put fresh Decoration Day flowers out on their loved one's grave. While living flowers may not last forever like plastic flowers, it is the meaning that counts. The blooming of flowers in May represent the circle of life and that is why fresh, living flowers should be placed on graves.

If you have a Decoration Day on the horizon, you are encouraged to place real flowers in the cemetery. If the cemetery where your loved one is buried has rules about how long flowers can remain on the grave, simply take them home and plant them in your yard. It will be a living reminder of your loved one that you can enjoy throughout the year.



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