Unrelated Color Schemes

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What are unrelated color schemes?

Unrelated Color Schemes

Unrelated consist of colors that are dissimilar to each other but are harmonious by contrast. One of the most popular kinds of unrelated color schemes is called "direct complimentary."
In this type of scheme, contrasting colors are situated directly across from each other on a color wheel. For example, violet is directly across from yellow. Therefore, pairing asters with marigolds would create a direct complimentary scheme.

Another type of unrelated scheme is called a triade harmony scheme. In this type of scheme, three colors are used that are equally as equidistant from each other as the three primary colors are equidistant from each other.

The key to creating a successful unrelated color scheme is to use creativity. Play with different colors and flower arrangements online, or at your local florist. You'll be amazed by the beautiful arrangements you can create.



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