The Language of Love: For True Love

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Are there any flowers I can send (besides roses) that will express my true feelings to my partner?

The Language of Love: For True Love

While the red rose will always be the symbol of true love, there are other flowers that can express the feelings of love -- and then some. If you want to go the extra mile and say more than just “I love you” try sending one of these flowers to your partner.

Red Catchfly: “I can't escape your charms.”

Dahlia: “You are mine, forever.”

Red Daisy: “You do not know how beautiful you are to me.”

Dill: “You satisfy all of my . . . needs.”

Spanish Jasmine: “You are everything I want. No one can compare to you.”

Lungwort: “You are my everything.”

Peach Blossom: “My heart is your prisoner.”

Venus Flytrap: “I am at your mercy. I am yours.”



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