The Language of Flowers: For Enemies and Love Gone Bad

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Is there a flower you can send to someone that you don't like?

The Language of Flowers: For Enemies and Love Gone Bad

Did you know that throughout history specific flowers were sent to enemies? If there is someone you simply detest and words just cannot do your feelings justice, why not say it with a flower? Simply sign the card with the sentiment the flowers represent. You can add your name or leave it anonymous. Sometimes sending flowers to a thwarted love or bitter enemy can bring closure to a situation that has continued to prick at your heart or mind.

Yellow Carnation: “You are such a disappointment.”

Bachelor Button: “I'm so happy to be single.”

Orange Lily: “I hate you.”

Dragon Lily: “You'll never win.”

Garlic: “No one is more evil than you.”

Monkshood: “You better watch your back.”

Orange Mock: “You're a liar.”

Rhododendron: “Stay away. I'm very dangerous.”

Dried White Rose: “I'd rather die than be with you.”



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