The Language of Flowers: Lilacs and Lilies

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What do lilies and lilacs represent?

The Language of Flowers: Lilacs and Lilies

Most women love receiving lilacs or lilies. There is just something about those flowers that brings a smile to a woman's face. If you want to send a special message, think about doing so with lilacs or lilies.

General Lilacs: “You are so beautiful.”

Purple Lilac: “I think I am falling in love with you.”

White Lilac: “You are so innocent.”

White Lily: “I'm in Heaven when we're together.”

Yellow Lily: “I'm living in a dream.”

Eucharis Lily: “I've been snared by your charms.”

Lily of the Valley: “I am humbled.”

Tiger Lily: “I am so proud of you.”



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