Group Funeral Flower Arrangements

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How should I send a group funeral arrangement?

Group Funeral Flower Arrangements

If you want to send funeral flowers as a group you have a lot more room for selection (and a lot more funding to purchase something big and beautiful). When going in as a group to buy funeral flowers, the arrangements can obviously make a much larger showing. The best way to go about selecting the flowers is to nominate one person to make the selection.

Another idea is to have one person select 2 or 3 arrangements and vote as a group to choose a final one. Make sure that you select a card that has ample space to include the names of everyone who contributes. If there isn't, however, be creative and sign with a group name such as “The Finance Department” or “The Gonzalez Family.”

* Don't forget to put an address and contact name on the card so the family can send their thanks.



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