Seasonal Flower Guide

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Which wedding flowers are available during different seasons?

Seasonal Flower Guide

So, you're trying to plan that big wedding on a budget—you're not alone there! Weddings are expensive and you have a lot of things to pay for so you shouldn't have to worry about paying an arm and a leg for wedding flowers. Want a good wedding flower idea that will help save you some cash? If you choose flowers that are in season they will be guaranteed fresh and they will be readily available (this will make them less expensive). Here is a great guide on the types of flowers available during each season of the year and the colors they come in:

Available All Year:

  • Baby's Breath (white)
  • Bachelor's Button (white, pink, red, or blue)
  • Carnation (available in any color)
  • Gardenia (white)
  • Gladiolus (countless colors)
  • Lily of the Valley (white and pink)
  • Orchid (pink, purple, and white)
  • Rose (available in any color)
  • Stephanotis (white)

Winter Flowers:
  • Calla Lily (white)
  • Camellia (pink and white)
  • Forget-Me-Not (blue)
  • Holly (green with red berries)
  • Ivy (various greens in color)
  • Orchid (pink, white, and purple)
  • Poinsettia (red, white, and pink)
  • Tulip (available in many colors)

Spring Flowers:
  • Anemone (available in many colors)
  • Apple Blossom (white)
  • Calla Lily (usually white but available in a few other colors)
  • Daffodil (yellow)
  • Forsythia (yellow)
  • Geranium (red and pink)
  • Hyacinth (white, purple, or pink)
  • Iris (many colors available)
  • Jonquil (pale yellow)
  • Lilac (violet or white)
  • Larkspur (blue)
  • Magnolia (white)
  • Narcissus (white)
  • Orange Blossom (white)
  • Tulip (available in any color)
  • Violetrichly (purple)

Summer Flowers:
  • Aster (available in white, pink, and rose)
  • Calla Lily (available in several colors)
  • Daisy (white with a tiny bit of yellow)
  • Hydrangea (purple)
  • Forget-Me-Not (blue)
  • Peony (available in pink, magenta, or white)
  • Sweet Pea (available in many colors)
  • Zinnia (red, orange, or pink)

Fall Flowers:
  • Aster (white, pink, or rose)
  • Chrysanthemum (red, gold, or white)
  • Dahlia (available in many colors)
  • Marigold (gold and red)
  • Zinnia (red, orange, or pink)



5/1/2007 9:44:25 AM
Cheryl said:

You should discuss the supply & availability of the above flowers you are considering for your wedding with a Real Local Florist......whether you order thru them or on-line. A Realy Florist will advise you on the types & colors of flowers available. (For instance, in Pennsylvania Lily of the Valley is generally available for about 2 weeks in May -- may 1 thru May 15. After that it MIGHT be available -- but will be costly and quality will be suspect. While on-line ordering may seem easy, do you really want to trust your once-in-a-life time wedding flwoer experience to a totally on-line site, where human contact is minimal? Just my 2 cents.


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