Narrow Down the Selection

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How can I pick my wedding flower colors?

Narrow Down the Selection

Choosing the colors for your wedding flower arrangements and wedding flower bouquet can be difficult. There are so many colors out there so where do you begin? You adore that dusty rose but that lavender hue is calling your name…how will you decide?! If you're clueless when it comes to selecting your wedding colors, here's a trick: Get out your favorite bridal magazine and start thumbing through the pages looking for colors that appeal to you.

As you find color schemes that you like, tear out the pages and put them aside. When you are finished take a look at all of the pages that you have chosen; you'll probably notice a common collection of color schemes. Divide the color schemes into piles that consist of closely related colors. At this point you will be able to narrow down the choices a lot more easily.

*Remember to keep your personal skin and hair tones in mind and select colors that are flattering.



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