Treat Mom to Some Treats

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How can I pamper mom with a floral arrangement?

Treat Mom to Some Treats

Chances are that the special lady you call “Mom” spent a great many years catering to you, isn't it her turn to get some special treatment? So, you've probably already decided to send flowers for Mother's Day—this is always a great idea. However, why not make that floral arrangement even more special by turning it into a special spa package for that special lady! Ask your local florist to help you put together a great spa –themed arrangement. A few days before Mother's Day, bring some goodies into the floral shop. Some ideas include:

  • Lotion
  • Bubble bath or crystals
  • Loofa sponge
  • Body Spray
  • Moisturizing mask
  • Nail polish
  • Spa Gift Baskets (these can also be purchased online)

Then, have your florist incorporate the goodies into the arrangement. Mom will feel like the queen she is!



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