Some Creative Advice

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What should I write on a "get well"card?

Some Creative Advice

So, you're almost ready to send out that get well flower delivery but you have no idea what to write on the card. It's OK, we're not all the creative types. In addition, a “get well” card can be a difficult thing to write. Here is a list of suggestions:

  1. We miss you at the office! Get well soon.
  2. We need you at the office. Come back soon.
  3. Hope these brighten your room and lift your spirits.
  4. Sending you my love and prayers.
  5. Good health starts with a happy heart, I hope these flowers bring you happiness.
  6. I hope you're back on your feet soon.
  7. Our prayers are with you, hope you feel better soon..
  8. Sending you all the healing thoughts in the world.
  9. Sending you sunshine and cheer!
  10. I hope this brightens your day!
  11. Loving relief for your aches and pains.
  12. Wishing you the speediest recovery.
  13. We miss you! Hurry back!
  14. Hope you feel better soon.



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