Focus on the Flowers, Not the "Get Well"

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What should I write on my "get well" card?

Focus on the Flowers, Not the "Get Well"

There's no denying that being sick is a bummer and one of the best things that you can do for someone who is ill is to take their mind off of it. A get well flower delivery can be just the ticket! If you're going to send get well flowers, however, focus more on the flowers than the “get well” aspect.

Send a vibrant arrangement composed of cheerful-colored flora. Yellows, reds, and oranges are great color choices so go crazy with them. Think daisies, tulips, and bright carnations and have them topped off with big, beautiful bows and happy balloons.

When including cards with your get well flowers, it's sometimes a good idea to avoid having “get well” on the card. Instead, try something like “thinking of you,” “to brighten your day,” or “hope this makes you smile.” This will assist in keeping the recipient's mind off being ill.



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