Achieve Balance

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How can I achieve balance when arranging flowers?

Achieve Balance

In flower arranging it is important that the finished product is positioned and secured correctly in its container. By achieving this you achieve “balance” which is an essential element in the flower arranging process. Visible balance is what makes the entire arrangement pleasing to the eye. The two main types of balance are called “symmetrical balance” and “asymmetrical balance” and both are defined below:

  • Symmetrical balance: is when flowers placed in a container can be split exactly down the middle and both sides are so much alike that they appear almost as reflections of one another. This is achieved by placing the same flowers on both sides in the same pattern.
  • Asymmetrical balance: is when flowers placed in a container and split down the middle do not appear as reflections of one another. Even though they appear different, however, they have the same visual weight.



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