Know Your Materials

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What are the materials used in a flower arrangement?

Know Your Materials

Making a fresh flower arrangement may not be simple but it's a lot more digestible if you understand the materials that you're dealing with. The basic materials in a flower arrangement are divided into four categories which are line, dominant, secondary, and filler materials. If this means nothing to you, help yourself to a better understanding by noting the guide below:

  • Line materials: are used to set the general line direction of the arrangement. These materials generally include foliage, twigs, and tiny flowers. These should be the first materials placed in the arrangement.
  • Dominant materials: these are the biggest materials in the entire arrangement and should be placed right after the line materials.
  • Secondary materials: these are slightly smaller than the dominant materials and are used to help achieve shape and add to the form of the overall design. These should be placed after the dominant materials.
  • Filler materials: generally consist of foliage or small flowers. These are used to fill up any extra spaces in the arrangement and should be the last material placed.



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