Contain Those Flowers With Style

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What should I put a flower arrangement in?

Contain Those Flowers With Style

Before you start deciding how to arrange a flower bouquet exactly the way you want it you will need to figure out what you're going to put those flowers in. Containers are an integral part of flower arranging and can make or break the entire arrangement. When picking something to put your flowers in, consider line direction, color, texture, and arrangement size. Overall, the container needs to compliment both the arrangement and the surrounding in which it will be placed. As you probably know, vases are the most popular containers used to hold arrangements. Don't limit yourself, however, this is the time to allow your creativity to shine through. Here are some great ideas:

  • Country containers: terra cotta pots, baskets, watering cans, and clay pitchers.
  • Contemporary containers: simple shapes with even lines and minimal details.
  • Traditional containers: elegant containers made of traditional materials like silver and porcelain (tea pots and candy dishes).



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