Not All Flowers Are Edible

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Which Flowers Are Not Edible and Should Be Avoided?

Not All Flowers Are Edible

• Flowers that come from a florist, greenhouse or plant nursery should never be eaten. These flowers are not labeled as a food crop and will probably contain dangerous pesticides.
• Never eat a flower unless you are certain it is edible. If there is a doubt, do not consume it.
• Don’t assume the flowers you see in food magazines are edible. Research the flower to make sure it is safe and not poisonous. Many flowers are used in food magazines simply as decoration.
• Known poisonous flowers include: lily of the valley, daffodils, calla lily, crocus, foxglove, rhododendron and azaleas.
• When you first start eating flowers, you should start slow. Non-poisonous flowers may slightly affect your digestive system if they are eaten in large quantities.



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